Hide My WP Ghost (Pro Latest Version)

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Powerful plugin that masks your WordPress site’s identity. Offers firewall protection, performance optimization, custom login URL, and more.


Take your website’s security to the next level with Hide My WP Ghost Pro Version. This powerful plugin is designed to completely mask your WordPress site’s identity, making it nearly unrecognizable to potential attackers. The pro version includes robust firewall protection, performance optimization, custom login URL, advanced intrusion detection, and more.

Key Features:

  • Completely change your site’s identity, making it virtually unrecognizable as WordPress.
  • Robust firewall to safeguard your site against various attacks, such as SQL injection and XSS.
  • Ensures optimal site performance while maintaining top-tier security.
  • Change the login URL to a unique address, effectively blocking unauthorized login attempts.
  • Smart intrusion detection to identify and block potential threats.
  • Automatically redirects unauthorized users who attempt to access the WP-admin area.
  • Customize the login and admin paths to obscure the most common targets for attackers.
  • Manage IP addresses with whitelisting trusted ones and blacklisting potential threats.
  • Intelligently detects and responds to various types of attacks automatically.
  • Keep detailed logs of attempted breaches or attacks.
  • Receive email alerts for security-related events.
  • Implement measures to combat brute force attacks, effectively blocking repeated login attempts.
  • Continually updates its signature database to identify and block the latest threats.
  • One-click reset in case of an emergency or compromise.

4 reviews for Hide My WP Ghost (Pro Latest Version)

  1. Mwangi Kamau (verified owner)

    I found this plugin incredibly user-friendly. It took me no time to get it up and running on my website. The best part is that the support team is responsive and helpful.

  2. Anyango Auma (verified owner)

    This plugin is a fantastic addition to my website. I love that it allows customers to pay quickly and easily, boosting my sales.

  3. Wanjiru Njoroge (verified owner)

    I needed a solution to handle payments effortlessly, and this plugin fits the bill. Its modern design and automatic push notifications make it a standout.

  4. Joseph

    I just started using Hide My WP Ghost about 2 months ago, and wow, I’m already loving it! This thing is packed with features.

    I was super happy to see it has two-factor authentication. Makes me feel a lot better about keeping my site safe. 🛡️

    It even has a ‘Temporary Logins Without Password’ feature. How cool is that? It’s perfect for when I need to let someone in to fix something real quick without giving them full access.

    So far, I’m really impressed and can’t wait to dig into more of what this plugin can do. Highly recommend! 🌟

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