eCommerce Website Design

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$ 1,000.00

For those who need a fully functional store to sell products online.

  • No. of Website Pages (12 Max)
  • No. of Online Products (50 or more)
  • Premium Website Samples (2)
  • WooCommerce Environment/ Platform
  • Custom Headers, Footers & Widgets + Mega Menus (1)
  • Picture & Image Gallery (2)
  • Campaign Landing Pages (1)
  • Lead Capture Website Forms (2)
  • Social Media & Blog Integrated
  • Website Analytics Integrated (Google Analytics + FB Pixel)
  • Search Engine Optimization (On-page + Technical SEO)
  • Premium Website Security Firewall
  • WhatsApp Chat Functionality
  • Google Submission & Indexing
  • 1 Google Map Location
  • Custom Cookie & Privacy Policy
  • Simple & Variable Products
  • Payment Gateway Integration (N/A)
  • 1 Month Support & Maintenance
  • Delivery Time (30 Working Days)


In an era where online shopping dominates consumer behavior, establishing a strong e-commerce presence is vital for businesses like yours. That’s where Burst Digital comes in. We’re here to offer you our eCommerce Web Design package – a seamless solution crafted to empower your brand and drive sales in the digital marketplace.

What’s Included in our eCommerce Website Design Package

  • No. of Website Pages: We will create up to 12 detailed pages to effectively showcase your products and content, providing a comprehensive overview of your offerings.
  • No. of Online Products: Display up to 50 online products, allowing you to offer a varied selection to your customers.
  • Premium Website Samples: Choose from 2 premium website samples, ensuring that your eCommerce website has a polished and professional appearance.
  • WooCommerce Environment/Platform: Benefit from the powerful and customizable WooCommerce platform for a seamless eCommerce experience, providing you with the tools to manage and sell your products effectively.
  • Custom Headers, Footers & Widgets + Mega Menus: We will tailor your website’s appearance with custom headers, footers, widgets, and mega menus to create a compelling and user-friendly navigation experience for your visitors.
  • Picture & Image Gallery: We will showcase your products each with 2 picture and image galleries, allowing you to display your offerings effectively and attractively.
  • Campaign Landing Pages: We will create a captivating online presence with a campaign landing page that drives engagement and encourages conversions.
  • Lead Capture Website Forms: Streamline customer interaction by integrating 2 lead capture forms, making it easier for potential customers to connect with you and for you to build your customer database.
  • Social Media & Blog Integration: Seamlessly connect your eCommerce website to your social media profiles and include a blog to enhance audience engagement and online presence.
  • Website Analytics Integrated (Google Analytics + FB Pixel): Gain in-depth insights into your website’s performance and visitor behavior with integrated Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your website.
  • Search Engine Optimization (On-page + Technical SEO): Boost your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines through comprehensive on-page and technical SEO strategies, making it easier for potential customers to discover and engage with your eCommerce website.
  • Premium Website Security Firewall: Protect your eCommerce website with a premium security firewall, ensuring the safety and privacy of your customers’ data, which is essential for instilling trust and confidence.
  • WhatsApp Chat Functionality: Engage with your website visitors through WhatsApp chat functionality, providing a convenient way for them to ask questions and seek assistance while browsing products.
  • Google Submission & Indexing: We will ensure that your eCommerce website is submitted to Google and indexed for improved visibility and search engine ranking, helping potential customers find your products more easily.
  • Google Map Location: We will enhance the usability of your eCommerce website by including a Google Map location, making it easier for visitors to locate and reach your physical store if applicable.
  • Custom Cookie & Privacy Policy: We will implement a customized cookie and privacy policy to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and to provide transparency to your visitors regarding data collection and usage.
  • Simple & Variable Products: Showcase different product types by offering both simple and variable product options, providing flexibility in presenting your products to potential customers.
  • Payment Gateway Integration (N/A): We will seamlessly integrate your preferred payment gateway to enable secure and convenient transactions for your customers.
  • 1 Month Support & Maintenance: Benefit from one month of dedicated support and maintenance, ensuring that your eCommerce website operates smoothly and effectively right from the start.
  • Delivery Time (30 Working Days): Your custom WordPress CMS eCommerce website will be ready within 30 working days, allowing you to establish an efficient and appealin.brand for your eCommerce business.

Price of an eCommerce Website in Kenya

The price of an e-commerce website depends on the number of products to be uploaded. Here are the e-commerce website prices in Kenya based on the number of products:

  • Up to 50 products – Ksh. 99,000 (Recommended)
  • 61-200 products – Ksh. 135,000
  • 50-1,000 products – Contact us for an affordable custom quote

How We Design Your eCommerce Website

If you’re ready to take your online store to the next level with a professional E-commerce Web Design in Kenya, we’re here to help. Our approach is simple yet comprehensive, ensuring that every step of the journey is smooth and tailored to your unique needs.

  1. Initial Consultation: We start by understanding your business goals, target audience, and brand identity through a detailed consultation session.
  2. Market Research: Our team conducts thorough market research to identify industry trends, competitor strategies, and customer preferences.
  3. Planning and Strategy: Based on the gathered insights, we develop a comprehensive plan and strategy tailored to your business objectives and target market.
  4. Design Mockups: Our designers create initial design mockups, allowing you to visualize the look and feel of your e-commerce website before development begins.
  5. Feedback and Revision: We gather your feedback on the design mockups and make any necessary revisions to ensure the final design aligns with your vision.
  6. Development: Our experienced developers bring the approved design to life, building a fully functional e-commerce website with seamless navigation and user-friendly features.
  7. Content Integration: We integrate high-quality content, including product descriptions, images, and videos, to enhance the overall appeal and effectiveness of your e-commerce website.
  8. Testing and Quality Assurance: Before launch, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure that your website functions flawlessly across different devices and browsers.
  9. Launch and Optimization: Once everything is set, we launch your e-commerce website and continue to monitor its performance, making ongoing optimizations to improve user experience and maximize results.
  10. Training and Support: We provide comprehensive training on how to manage and update your e-commerce website independently. Additionally, our dedicated support team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Ready to Get an Online Store?

Looking to launch your e-commerce website in Kenya without breaking the bank? Look no further! At Burst Digital, we offer affordable pricing for our e-commerce website design packages, starting at just Ksh 99,000 for up to 50 products.

  • Here’s the deal: You pay for web hosting and domain registration once a year. Think of web hosting like renting space on the internet where your website lives, and a domain is your online address, like It’s all necessary to get your site up and running.
  • We use reliable servers, so your website is accessible to people not only in Kenya but around the world.
  • Why do you need an e-commerce website? It’s your storefront on the internet! It helps potential customers find you, learn about your products or services, and ultimately do business with you.

Reach out to us today at +254708 865 088 or shoot us an email at Let’s bring your e-commerce vision to life, together!

4 reviews for eCommerce Website Design

  1. Elijah Kiprono (verified owner)

    The website design is perfect for my business. It helps me get more customers and stands out from the competition. Plus, it’s easy to contact the company through the website, which is very convenient for me.

  2. Mercy Wangari (verified owner)

    The Burst Digital Team exceeded my expectations with the website design. It’s clean and professional, making my business stand out from the competition. Plus, it’s easy to navigate, which keeps visitors engaged.

  3. Collins Kamau (verified owner)

    I’m impressed by the website design by Burst Digital Team. It’s visually stunning and captures the essence of my brand perfectly. Plus, it’s easy to update, allowing me to keep my content fresh and relevant.

  4. Collins Kamau (verified owner)

    The website design by Burst Digital Team is super cool. I like the colors and pictures they used. It’s easy to navigate, making it a breeze to find what I need.